$6 million awarded to BC for their healthcare program


Assemblyman Rudy Salas at the press conference to give $6 million for the BC healthcare programs.

Hilario Gomez, Reporter

Assembly Member Rudy Salas joined Bakersfield College faculty and students at The Weills Institute to hold an assembly discussing $6 million of state funding that was awarded to the Bakersfield project to fund their training programs for nursing and healthcare.

 Several prominent mainstays of Bakersfield College such as Kern Community College District Chancellor Sonya Christian and Interim President of Bakersfield College Zav Dadabhoy spoke and sang their praises for Rudy Salas and the importance that these allocated funds would have on Bakersfield College and the community.

“Rudy Salas makes things happen, and his work embodies keeping the valley strong motto. Through his tremendous support, he has secured over $22 million dollars for Bakersfield College, giving more students access to higher education and the support services to be successful,” said Dr. Sonya Christian

Rudy Salas then took the stage to address the crowd of faculty and students to say

 “This investment is how we make a difference in our community by improving education, nurses, health access, workforce training, and the creation of good-paying jobs that will uplift our students,” He continued “I am proud of Bakersfield College for expanding its reach in the rural areas, meeting students where they are, and growing programs that will provide not only a boost for our local economy but also professional careers for families right here in Kern County.”

The speakers of the event all emphasized the importance of the funding in order to combat the shortage of healthcare workers that are being experienced statewide. With this funding, Bakersfield College will be able to expand and better their existing programs they have through the college and multiple high school campuses across the county such as McFarland High School, Arvin High School, Wasco High School, Robert F. Kennedy High School, Cesar Chavez High School, and East High School.