BC Southwest Campus Opening

Nathaniel Simpson, Reporter

Bakersfield College has opened its new campus on the southwest side of town at 9400 Camino Media, with in-person classes starting this semester. The campus is vast, housing 35 instructional areas, including large lecture halls (which can seat up to 60 students), computer labs, laboratories, and an on-site bookstore. The campus also has faculty spaces for office hours, student lounges, study spots, and an open computer commons where students can work.

In addition to the great classes and opportunities for students to get their work done, the new campus also offers great support services to the students attending this campus, such as counseling and advising, tutoring, writing center, and much more. 

When speaking to Leo Ocampo, the program manager at the new campus, he shares how ecstatic he is about the new learning center. 

BC Southwest allows students to continue their education and complete all their transfer and general education requirements, without having to worry about the financial and time constraints that might come with a daily hour-long, round-trip commute to the Panorama campus.” 

When asked about what he is excited about this new campus, he responded by saying. “Aside from robust course options and comprehensive support services, what students and faculty have been loving the most are the views! Wall-to-wall huge windows in the classrooms allow for so much natural light and beautiful views overlooking the Marketplace, CSUB, and the surrounding areas.” 

He urges students to check out the campus, and tour it if they have the time. If the southwest campus sounds like the best fit for you, definitely try to sign up for classes at this brand new campus. From what Mr. Ocampo was saying, it sounds like the campus will not disappoint!