BCSGA creates mural to celebrate International Women’s Day

Nathaniel Simpson, Reporter

To commemorate International Women’s Day, the Bakersfield College Student Government Association (BCSGA) has created a mural to be displayed on campus. The mural, which depicts a silhouette of a woman with colorful flowers on her head and the words “Let Equality Bloom” written towards the bottom, will be portable so it can be displayed on campus for many events, as well as the opportunity for any BC department to borrow it for their own events.

When speaking to the BCSGA, the mural’s creation involved the talents of local BC artist Shanara Cruz Wilson, art professor Joseph Tipay, BC student Cameron Garcia, and anyone else who came to support. The mural took five days to complete, from start to finish.

On March 8, there was an event to celebrate International Women’s Day, as well as the unveiling of this new mural. Everyone who had a helping hand in creating the mural will get the chance to sign the back of the piece, showing their contribution. If you were unable to attend this event, the mural will also be on display and incorporated into the 4th annual Jess Nieto Conference on March 29, from 3 – 4 pm.

When asked what their favorite thing about the mural is, the BCSGA president, Edith Mata, responded, saying that her “favorite part (of) this mural will be produced with the help and support of our bakersfield college community. It’s very rewarding to organize and put up an event that everyone feels welcome and called to participate, engage and feel proud of.”

The BCSGA also said that “The mural is meant to unite,uplift, inspire, engage, heal, unwind, and educate our community. Through the pandemic, and the hard circumstances we have been forced to face there has been much division,  separation and distance among our BC community. However painting this mural as a community will be a step in overcoming the aftermath of the pandemic. As we create this mural we will ensure to follow the

Covid protocols set forth by KCCD.” For those who are interested in seeing this mural, keep an eye out for it on campus, as well as thinking about attending the event on March 29 to show support for our local BC artists.