BC presents first Consent Fair

Aubrianna Martinez, Senior Digital Editor

Bakersfield College’s Campus Prevention Education Specialist Adrianna Oceguera Donahue worked to put together an event centered around the important topics to communicate with your partner about, called the Consent Fair. The 2022 BC Consent Fair was organized and advertised as a campus carnival, with tented booths, fair food, and games available for students to take part in. 

The organizer of the event Oceguera Donahue listed the various clubs and BC departments that were involved in the event, “the Consent Project Club, SAGA, L.U.P.E., and [the] Japanese [Culture] Club.” These student clubs and institutional organizations had individuals operating the booths as well as games for the BC students who came to experience and take part in the campus event. 

On the BC department side of those involved in the fair, Oceguera Donahue listed the “[Office of Student Life], [Extended Opportunity Programs & Services], [Student] Health and Wellness [Center], Financial Aid, and Campus Safety.”

Oceguera Donahue explained how her goal for organizing the Consent Fair event was “to provide the BC community education about consent, healthy relationships, and sexual assault awareness within an intersectional lens.”

The idea for a fun carnival-style informational event was sparked by various other activities that different educational institutions hold for their students, but Oceguera Donahue specifically noted how she wanted to ensure that while the event was educational and instructive for the attendees and participants, it still provided the opportunity for entertainment for those interested.

Oceguera Donahue implied that the 2022 Consent Fair will not be a one-time event, adding “I am excited for this Consent Fair and look forward to the next one.”

It should be emphasized that those involved in the Consent Fair were not all strictly health-related groups or departments. The Japanese Culture Club’s booth was prominently featured despite its club’s goal or mission statement not having a clear or direct tie to the Consent Fair. It seems all of those who wish to be involved to assist in educating others about healthy, consenting adult relationships as well as the recognition of sexual violence are welcome to join.