BC theater department presents “The Wolves”

Anthony Vasquez, Reporter

The final play presented by the BC Theater Department rolled out from Thursday, April 28 to Sunday, May 1, 2022. Directed by Brian J. Sivesind and Co-directed by Cory Geurtsen, “The Wolves” by Sarah DeLappe was presented at the outdoor theater, within a small inanimate setting, as the audience was very close to each other compared to the first play that was held at the start of the semester at the Simonsen Indoor Theater (“The House of St. Bernarda Alba”). 

The play’s setting was at a soccer field, where a team of high school soccer players (played by students of the BC theater department) go through several series of events that cover serious and sensitive topics, and it was noted by Geurtsen that it would include multiple uses of harsh language and themes that could be uncomfortable for the audience. Although there were multiple uses of harsh language and themes, it created the perfectly hilarious setting that the play intended to create.

Each of the characters brought to the play a unique experience for the audience. The cast of the production was dedicated to their respective roles. The soccer players, #2 (Margarita Diaz Alcala), #7 (Trinity Coston), #8 (Savanna May), #11 (Presley L. Foster), #13 (Reiley Pike), #14 (Karina Ronquillo), #25 (Daniela Moreno), #46 (Madison Shuck), and #00 (Rachel Daguman) were each coordinated with each other, and the audience was able to understand every constructed emotion or scenario that the cast was able to present. Each of their unique portrayals of personalities, along with the cast presenting strong opinions through these characters, created an open environment for the audience to view different mindsets that society holds through the experience of the play. 

The production’s use of lighting between the scenes was also a huge part of the play. Along with the lighting, the addition of the play features music from the artist Manuela. Their music from their recently released EP titled “Glimmer” was incorporated with the production, and their heart aching soulful music helped capture the complete feeling of the show. 

BC’s production of “The Wolves” can definitely be seen as one of BC’s most memorable productions. It was a great experience for the cast, production crew, and the audience overall. The Bakersfield College Theater Arts Program is set to continue their journey as they plan to soon create their take of “Seussical the Musical” on July 15 and other selected dates. You can find more information about their next show on the Bakersfield College website.