Dagny’s Open Mic Night

Jason Mena, Reporter

Dagny’s delivers coffee and soul to downtown patrons as it hosts Open Mic Night for musicians and poets alike to express themselves in a communal atmosphere.

For the last few years, Dagny’s has provided an open space for artists to share their thoughts and experiences in the company of other creators and locals every first Thursday of the month.

Now, in collaboration with Wasteland Zine, a free community magazine showcasing Kern County artists, and The Plan B Company, a production company in charge of putting on local concerts in Bakersfield, Dagnys will host the Open Mic Night every Thursday at 6 p.m.

Dagnys is located in downtown Bakersfield on the corner of 20th and Eye Streets, and encourages anyone to come perform or enjoy a show with freshly brewed coffee.

The Event is held in a smaller and cozy room separated from the rest of the cafe, housing many of the shops art pieces, collections of literature, and their very own stage.

They had a collage of personalities during the october 13th junction, with local favorites such as the Sayuris, a small band of three young guys who have been making the rounds through downtown and have made quite a name for themselves. They played two of their songs “Nothing Good Ends Well” and “Sun and Moon” from their album, “For Those of Rejection” which is available on Spotify and Apple Music.

Another musician who went simply as Ben, narrated his harrowing 2200 mile journey from Georgia to Maine on the Appalachian Trail which took him 6 months to complete. The journey was a huge undertaking and inspired him to write the music he played for everyone that day.

The night came to a close and the musicians were brushed out (literally) of the cafe, and gathered under the waning light of the street lamp to discuss what they plan to perform for next week’s event.



Worst Things By Better People performing their song “Ghost” (Jason Mena)
The Sayuris performing their song “Sun and Moon” (Jason Mena )