Spotlight: BC’s Rodeo Team


Rodeo team members Jaiden Melton and Cloey Griffiths riding their horses across the fields of Delano Calif.

Jaspreet Multani, Reporter

BC’s Rodeo Team Club is a current organization that participates in the farm and ranch lifestyle. Established in 2021, rodeo club is competing for the second year in the West Coast Region of the International Rodeo Organization.

Bakersfield College can offer students more ways to participate in the farm and ranch lifestyle that helped bring the rodeo culture to life on campus. In 2021, BC’s Rodeo Team Club students were honored as the organization of the year at Bakersfield College.
The club practices on Wednesdays and Fridays at local people’s houses as they don’t have their own practice space, according to team member Cloey Griffiths.

The  Rodeo Team club’s mission is to continue the rich history of cowboy and rodeo culture in every small-town. It is common to meet someone for the first time at a rodeo or horse show one week and see them again with a mutual friend the next. It is hardly a surprise anymore because “It’s Bakersfield!”

With a growing number of students and members of BC, Rodeo Team has competed at Feather River College in Quincy, Lassen College in Susanville, Fresno State in Clovis, West Hills College in Coalinga, Cuesta College, and Cal Poly University in San Luis Obispo.
With such a strong background in Western Heritage, it is only natural that Bakersfield College should provide students with the opportunity to participate in a college rodeo while continuing their college education in their hometown. While allowing students who may not have the Western background, the club provides the opportunity to learn more about rodeo and the cowboy way of life.
Griffiths explained, “To be part of the team students should own their horses and equipment. But to be a part of the club, it’s completely free, and as a supporter you can travel along the Rodeo tournaments. Rodeo provides transportation only to members of the club and BC students.”
Jaiden Melton, Vice President of Rodeo Team club, started riding and competing in Rodeo at 2 years of age. She wanted to continue her experience in riding horses. Melton and her mother decided to establish a Rodeo team club for future tournaments. Bakersfield College hopes to grow its Rodeo Club in the coming years and has already received great feedback and support from the community.

Rodeo team members Jaiden Melton and Cloey Griffiths riding their horses across the fields of Delano Calif.
(Jaspreet Multani)