Dave & Busters comes to Bako

Amanda Hernandez, Reporter

A new Dave & Busters opened Oct. 17 in Bakersfield near the Valley Plaza Mall.

Though the franchise has been around for 40 years and counting, this is the first time a location has opened in Bakersfield.

Dave & Buster’s is a place that serves many people including kids, adults, families, and other groups. They are highly known for their mix of arcade games, large televisions, a bar area and dining.

Senior Manager, Alex Aguilar, said, “We want to be the go-to sports center, for any sport event and for parents to bring their kids.”

One thing that really stands out is the size of the location. There are enough seats to serve over 100 people at one given moment, and the mass amount of arcade games will ensure that no individual is left standing around or waiting for others to wrap up.

A large bar with blue back lighting and many chairs lining the bar in an L shape
The large bar located at Dave and Busters where you can catch a game and grab an alcoholic beverage with your favorite people. (Amanda Hernandez)

Their menu is diverse and unique including different options such as burgers, bbq, salads, wraps, bowls, fish, appetizers, desserts, kids options, alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks. It’s likely that bringing a family here would be a success considering the variety.

The food pricing may appear expensive, however, what you get in return is aligned with how much you put out. For example, a $14 appetizer of nachos could likely feed two individuals.

The pricing for arcade games varies. It costs $3 for a new card activation fee on top of the pricing for how many chips you want on one card. These cards are reusable time after time, but if lost, you will need to repurchase a new one.

When playing games, your points will accumulate on your card, which you can then trade in for prizes like most arcades.

A serving of nachos with cheeses sauces and meats on it on top of parchment paper in a serving dish
A large nacho appetizer that serves two costs $14. (Amanda Hernandez)

Aside from regular pricing of food and games, they are offering a limited time Eat & Play combo, which gives you a list of entrees to choose from and power cards for the arcade which all range in price depending on how many games you want to play. This offer ends Nov 27.

Another option they offer is hosting parties or events. On their website you can find a tab with all of this information, and it will allow you to fill in the details and book specific dates and times for your event.

Dave and Busters takes their reputation into consideration. “Normally we have managers that usually walk the floor and check in with each of our tables to ensure they had a good experience. If there are any issues, I tell my manager and it gets resolved right away,” server Alissa Thomson said.

To ensure customer satisfaction, Alex Aguilar said, “We like to win our guests over and we want them to return. If they are unhappy, we offer free appetizers or something else. We want them to leave Dave & Busters wanting to come back.”Dave & Busters is open daily from 11 a.m. to midnight.