Wind Wolves Preserve offers more volunteer opportunities

Madeline Ruebush, Reporter

Volunteer opportunities at Wind Wolves Preserve, a nature site located just north of BC’s Panorama Campus, have expanded this year as it has started a new docent program that will give opportunity to volunteers who are looking for a more in-depth involvement with the preserve.

This new program is in response to the want for more long-term volunteering opportunities according to Ann Wempe, the outdoor education director, at the preserve. Before this program was announced, volunteering opportunities were only available at weekend events at the preserve. With the docent program, the preserve website states, these volunteers would “work independently and alongside staff to help us achieve our goals of land stewardship and public education” and that they would be “Wildlands ambassadors.”

The preserve is looking for adults who are interested in “environmental stewardship and education” who can commit a year of service with a minimum of 40 hours of volunteer work annually, according to the website. Interested volunteers would also be required to have reliable transportation to the preserve.

For those with transportation challenges, Wempe stated that CSUB students who volunteer at Wind Wolves have carpooled together and suggested that those who are interested but do not personally have reliable transportation do the same.

There are four positions available to new docents. A “Welcome Docent” will greet visitors and offer maps, directions, etc. A “Trail Docent” keeps up trails and interacts with visitors as they explore the area. A “Conservation Docent” will “assist with habitat restoration and volunteer days.” And an “Education Docent” will help with weekend education programs and stations.

Those interested in becoming a docent may apply for all of the positions, or just one.

In order to apply, fill out a form linked on the preserve’s website. A two-hour orientation will also be required for to meet eligibility for the program. The orientation dates are February 4, 5 and 9 from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.

More information is available at their website: