Valentine’s Day’s impact on Bakersfield businesses 

Samantha Britt , Reporter

Valentine’s Day, the day where people who love one another can show each other how much they care about their significant other by buying them the best gifts. The most bought things on Valentine’s Day are flowers, candies, fancy chocolates, cards, dinner out, and jewelry, according to Fox Business.

Because of all the gift buying, the holiday can have major impact on many businesses, some of which use promotions and create deals to save people money. They may also use unique advertising to catch people’s attention.

Bakersfield happens to be placed the sixth most affordable place in California to go to dinner. According to the BetCalifornia.Com: “With an average dinner for two only costing $55,the research showed that Bakersfield is the 6th most affordable city in California for a date night! With a wine bottle costing an average of $15 and a cab costing an average of $11.25 your date night would cost $81.25 together.”

Located on F Street in downtown Bakersfield, KC Steak House is one place couple can dine on Valentine’s Day. A staffer at the restaurant told The Rip that reservations for Valentine’s Day filled up a week before the holiday and that’s the day they “make the most money.’

Edible Arrangements also offer sweet gifts to give your Valentines. They vary from selling different items for each holiday or special occasions with unique arrangements and gift baskets that are made up of fresh and chocolate dipped fruit.

After speaking with an employee there, Natalie, she explained it was one of busiest times of the year. She said it impacts their sales ten times more than any other holiday.

For some last-minute ideas for what to do for Valentines Day, you can visit the Eventbrite page for Kern.–bakersfield/valentines-day-events/