BC’s Umoja program presents their 5th annual Black history month event

Samantha Britt, Reporter

Students all over the Kern High School District came to BC to celebrate Black History Month (Samantha Britt )

Umoja celebrated their 5th annual Black history month event at the BC’s Indoor Theater on Feb. 17, at 9:00 am. One of the first speakers Dr. Parks gave an overview of what Black history month meant to them, African rituals were an important part of her speech because reaching out to ancestors was an essential element to celebrate Black History Month “Afric

Dancers along with both musicians showed different African cultures using music and different dances. (Samantha Britt)

an rituals are reminiscing and presenting our ancestors.” Dr. Parks continued her speech by letting the audience speak and giving names of their ancestors that endured the harsh treatment they received, Dr. Parks acknowledges people like Frederick Douglass, and more African American lives that fought against slavery and discrimination.
Dramane Kone along with drummer Kadi gave a culture experience performance, they created beautiful sounds, and Dramane Kobe sang songs that he has been taught from West Africa. Using an instrument called the Djembe which is a well-known African drum. The dancers,Ballet and Djelia showed their cultural dances and how they move to the music, they invited the students in the crowd onto stage to allow them to experience their heritage firsthand by teaching them how to use the Djembe, along with many other types of instruments also the dancers taught dances so they can dance as their ancestors did. After this performance, Mr. Dèvon spoke about how much potential African Americans have and how they can create success through their experience and persistence, showing the audience how he created a successful company with such ideologies.