Bakersfield College opens Art Exhibition to students and public

Amanda Hernandez, Sports and Digital Editor

The Am I Pretty art piece displayed at the Panorama Exhibition, the artist name is unknown. (Amanda Hernandez)

Bakersfield College held an Art Exhibition known as The Panorama Invitational inside the Grace Van Dyke library on Feb. 2.  

This was a small gallery that held the artwork of many Kern County high school students who display artistic abilities.

There were a range of different types of art displayed such as abstract, penciled portraits, books of different art, and animated drawings. 

A popular piece was the “Am I Pretty” work of art. The artist whose name is unknown, utilized magazine cutouts, newspapers and a few other color materials.

A Bakersfield resident, Andres Martinez, who visited to support his younger sister’s artwork states, “I feel proud of seeing my sister’s artwork displayed here, they should do this more often.”

The small art gallery gained a lot of attraction amongst students and local residents of Bakersfield. 

Many hope the school will continue to host community events.

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