BC shows love with a zine

Emily Urias, Reporter

The Consent project threw an event led by Adrianna Oceguera in honor of teen dating violence awareness month. This event took place on Valentines in front of The Office of Student Life.

“We want students to be aware of teen violence and to be aware that love looks different for other people,” said Adrianna Oceguera.

Mural artwork collaboration created by Youth Empowerment and Consent Project. (Emily Urias)

LGBTQ Initiatives students and Office of Student Life student workers collaborated together on a Zine. Everything creative or non-artistic that you want to express can go in a zine! A zine is a publication where you can express your ideas in a pamphlet or book-like format, then duplicate it and distribute it. The prompt to the Zine was what love meant to them.

“My favorite part of this event has been seeing students’ happiness when they see their artwork in the Zine” said Oceguera.

In addition to Zine, a mural was made in collaboration amongst the Youth Empowerment program and Consent Project.

One of the statics that were shocking was about 1 in 3 teenagers in the United States have or will experience emotional, sexual, or physical abuse from someone they are in a relationship with.

Many students were attracted to the mural being presented at the event; this event was a great way to spread awareness of teen dating violence. Huge kudos to the students who participated and worked hard on creating the mural and Zine’s!