BC RoundTable discusses Chat GPT controversy

Samantha Britt, Reporter

The Renegade Roundtable took place Wed. March 10th, at 6:00 p.m. the main topic of this roundtable was Chat GPT. The speakers at this event were Javier Llamas, Dave Moton, Joe Saldivar, and Savannah Andrasain. these speakers are teachers at BC who were talking about the concerns and positive thoughts on the functions of Chat GPT. Chat GPT is designed for customer service due to its intelligence that is a language-based model. It is an AI intelligent chat box that gives information and answers about everything. Students can use as an academic tool, as its able to write computer codes, write essays, papers, and can help you better you’re writing by giving you tips. The potential of this AI is also developing as its functions are being used by more people.

Due to the intelligence of Chat GPT it can be very controversial for learning. Each of the speakers shared their concerns of Chat GPT because it cannot be detected as it is very hard to prove that a student copied or plagiarized off Chat GPT.  Each of the speakers were teachers that discussed their concerns and considered that assignments should become complex enough to avoid students cheating and looking more thorough on their submissions. Academic dishonesty was very important for these teachers because learning should not just be a tilt you get, it’s something you earn and affects the future majorly if students are cheating their way through the school system. The conversation went back and forth about the pros and cons of this AI intelligence that is only getting more advanced and what it will do in the educated system. The main question of this all was, what are teachers going to do to prevent Chat GPT being an issue in the education system.