BC hosts annual Consent Fair


Samantha Britt

Anjel Flores and Irene Ricardo at their booth showing the ring toss

Samantha Britt, Reporter

The consent fair took place at BC Thursday, March 30. This was an event organized by the Consent Project of BC.

The project’s main goal is to “Eliminate sexual and interpersonal violence within the community by creating a culture of consideration, respect, and unity,” according to student Irene Ricardo.

Anjel Flores, the ICC rep of the consent program, is responsible for the programming that the club presents when meeting with other clubs on campus and club activities as well.

Flores explained that informing students on different types of consent is a way of avoiding violence within the campus.

The coordinator of this whole program is Andrea Aceguera, and she created this program to help reduce violence on campus. The consent fair had many different booths, and each represented something different. Each booth spoke on different types of consent as well as giving students education on important issues.

Booths had resources for students suffering from HIV, or any STD, they will lead you in the direction of getting help at the Kern County Health Department, offering free testing, help with treatment, and providing vaccines.

Another booth helped students find the right resources if they are dealing with any type of drug addiction, even handing out free materials to help stop addiction.

The consent fair was full of resources that can help make a student’s life easier, such as Cal Fresh applications, FASFA sign ups and much more, while learning different forms of consent.

This club also created a Lavender Prom that is occurring May 4, on Thursday at 5:30 pm, free to everyone with registration. The Lavender Prom is for the LGBTQIA+ and allys!