BC’s Rising Scholars hosts Clothing Drive

Madeline Ruebush, Reporter

The Rising Scholars Program is collecting clothing, gym bags, and duffel bags every Thursday of April during Second Chance Month for women in the Casa Aurora program.

The Casa Aurora Program helps women start the transition out of prison and back into society.

The Rising Scholars Program at BC is hoping to help them with that endeavor by holding a clothing drive to collect necessary clothes and bags, said Raquel Fore, Program Manager for the Rising Scholars Program. She stressed how much they need duffel bags and gym bags to be donated explaining that these inmates will be released with next to no possessions and what they do have will be put in a trash bag for them to be released with. She hopes that more than anything, they get those duffel and gym bag donations.

So far, they have gotten a few clothing donations, but they are needing more.

They will be on campus in front of the Welcome Center with a clothing drive booth on the 20th and 27th where you can go and drop off you’re clothing. But if you call blank and make a pick-up appointment, they can also go and pick up clothing.

The Rising Scholars program will also be holding a multitude of other events in honor of Second Chance month. You can support scholarships by eating out at local restaurants during the 21st and 27th, they will hold a booth at Garden Fest on the 15th where they will be selling woodworking done by inmates, they will have a “Teaching Resilient Students” panel on the 25th, and two finish off the month they will hold a expungement letter writing workshop at the Writing Center on the 26th from 3-5pm.

If you have any questions about how to donate or about any of the events that Rising Scholars will be hosting this month, contact the Rising Scholars program.