SGA gears up for the new semester

Graham C. Wheat, Editor-in-Chief

The new Student Government Association at Bakersfield College is installed and looking toward the future of the spring semester, and also making a lasting mark on the campus for years to come.

SGA president Travis Tillis sat down to discuss the tentative plans for SGA in the upcoming school year, as well as his ideas to strengthen the student body and bring a stronger sense of community to BC.

Tillis, 33 and double major in history and industrial technology, is excited to continue the effective programs that past SGA’s have implemented, such as The Renegade Pantry.

“The continuation of programs like that is important on this campus,” said Tillis regarding the food distribution service.

“I know things like The Pantry are important to a lot of people, but there are also other things that need to be looked at, such as our Veterans Center,” said Tillis regarding the subject of things he wants to focus on improving. Tillis cited ideas like having a dedicated counselor to deal specifically with veteran’s problems. He also expressed an effort to expand the Veteran’s Center in general.

The effort to build strong unity across a diverse campus is also a top priority for the new SGA president.

“We have a wide variety of clubs on campus that effect a large demographic of students. I want to make more tools available to them, so they can pass it on to the people in those clubs.” On that note, Tillis said he would explore options like reevaluating SGA operational costs to make more financial funds available to said clubs.

Tillis also spoke of SGA sponsored events where part of the proceeds would benefit the club in question.

“Taco Tuesday is coming around this semester. Basically, club members along with an SGA officer will sell tacos on Tuesday,” said Tillis. “Each club, whether it is M.E.Ch.A. or another club, will get a piece of the profits from whatever is sold that day.”

Tillis hopes that ideas and actions like these will bring a varied student body closer together.

Tillis is excited about the new group of officers he is working with saying that they are “a wonderful team.” To bring that team to the student body, Tillis spoke of the special days where SGA would be front and center.

“First is Mexican Independence Day, and after that we have Constitution Day,” said Tillis concerning the first time the Student Body would get to know the new SGA.

Part of a continuing tradition, the Grow-and-Go Resource Fair will be another SGA planned and sponsored event. Grow-and-Go, designed to be an accessible tool for transferring students, will be featured prominently in the coming months as the date of the fair, Sept. 25, quickly approaches. “That’s going to be a big deal for us,” said Tillis of the resource opportunity.

Tillis, who plans on transferring to Fresno Pacific University after a spring graduation with a continuing study in Christian Ministries, hopes to leave his mark on SGA this semester.