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New SGA president excited for his term

Elizabeth Fernandez, Reporter

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presJust a regular Bakersfield College Student with some political background, Alex Dominguez, a political science major, prepares to take on the role of student body president and plans to “get things done.” After polls closed on March 27, over half of the students who had voted chose Dominguez.

“I was really happy about the outcome. I woke up, I checked my email and I won by a good 200 votes. I was ecstatic,” said Dominguez. “The people spoke.”

He said he is still excited and has already begun to meet with administrators such as the vice president of student affairs and the interim director of student life, Elizabeth Peisner. His focus has been talking with them about improving student participation on the campus and pitching his ideas for events. In particular, things like setting up a student resource fair within the first couple of weeks this coming fall semester, and a farmer’s market.

He says he’s noticed many students are all too often under-informed about the resources available to them, but he hopes that by extending information immediately it will help them stick to a major and get through BC faster.

In regard to what the administrators responded, he said, “They’re all in support of my agenda. One thing that they told me is that if it’s logical, we’ll help you make it happen.”

The future president does not officially step into office until July 1, and will then serve the student body for one academic year.

“I’m ready to get on the ball. I want to get everything moving so July 1st when I step into office we can put everything in action,” said the future president. “I know we don’t start for a while, but nonetheless, we all need to get on board with what we want to do.”

His haste may have something to do with his fear of running out of time to do all of the things he has planned for the campus.

“I want to help the students. I want to promote the student life here on campus. I think there is a lot that can be done and should be done. I think that with proper leadership, a lot can change,” he added.

Dominguez’s leadership skills began to structure first with his grandfather who he calls a “strong man.” Originally from Texas, Dominguez’s grandfather moved to Bakersfield starting out with nothing.

“He’s a self-made man, he started in the oilfields and he worked for everything he had. When he was 18 years old, he went to Vietnam and he’s very involved with his veteran organizations around town,” Dominguez said proudly. “He’s a leader in what he does.”

Dominguez said that his grandfather was his initial push into politics and he recalled watching the news together at an early age.

“He always kept me involved,” he said. “We’d always be reading pamphlets for voting and things like that, and it’s always interested me”

Eventually Dominguez went to Centennial High School where he took up wrestling. The sport was “a lot of responsibility,” although it seems to be a single-person thing, he said it was really about the effort of the team. Within that team, Dominguez took on a stronger role as a leader with helping keep the team motivated to cut weight and also communicating with the coach.

“I wrestled for four years. Upon my senior year, I was awarded the leadership award. I’ve always taken that kind of persona – I like to help people, I like to carry people,” he said.

After high school, Dominguez worked for Kern County Supervisor Mike Maggard, District 3, which is composed primarily of the Rosedale and Oildale area. He dealt with a lot of constituent cases where he dealt with citizens one-on-one and fixed any issues within jurisdiction.

Dominguez gave an example of another learning experience. During his time with Maggard, they organized a “trunk or treat” event for kids to trick or treat, offering a safer alternative to kids than knocking door-to-door. Dominguez was at the forefront of organizing such community-oriented events and included other leaders and the fire department.

Most currently, he works with Congressman David Valadao. He plans to continue to do so until Valadao’s campaigning ends in the summer, then he will dedicate himself solely to being BC’s Student Government Association president.

“This is priority and Congressman Valadao knows that,” stated Dominguez.

When asked if the politicians had any impact on him, he said, “I look upon them as leaders in the community. You know, I see them and I just try to exemplify what they do. I try to look like them, and I try to in sense be like them.” In sense, Dominguez has taken what he has learned through them and applied it on a smaller scale.

During his campaign the now-elected student president focused on clubs.  “I felt that I needed to talk to clubs, like it was something personal that I had to do, because a part of my presidency is getting the clubs involved,” he said. “So I wanted to show that even as candidate I’m willing to be there and represent the clubs.”

He also mentioned that he couldn’t thank them enough for the support and their votes.

Students have also already come up to him with their concerns, such as the smoking and skateboarding policies.

Dominguez plans on repaying students who provided him with their support by excelling in his presidency. He wants them to know that is the primary reason why he is already trying to get a head start.

“I’m ambitious,” said the future president. “I’m excited. I’m ready to go.”

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New SGA president excited for his term