WESTEC: the new fast track to a career in law enforcement

Victoria Miller, Reporter

Bakersfield College students can now obtain a career in law enforcement in less than five months through WESTEC; an administration of justice training program that’s collaborating with BC.

Chris Resendes, who has 30 years of law enforcement experience and works with WESTEC, explains what makes this program so important. “It’s perfect for someone just laid off or anyone in need of a career fast. I’m not saying it’s an easy fix, but our program provides certificates to students and gives them a successful career in law enforcement with benefits and a good pay scale.”

Resendes states that Kern County is building a new jail between 2017 and 2018, which means there’s going to be a high demand for people trained in law enforcement.

WESTEC, located on Lerdo Highway in Shafter, offers training in corrections and detentions, baton and firearms, weaponless defense, chemical agents, and security guard training. There are also a variety of night and day classes for student’s convenience.

Resendes spoke about how the community is generally unaware of the academy. “It seems like it’s almost a secret that there’s a legitimate academy with top notch trainers that’s able to put people back out in the workforce in a few months.”

Although not everyone is going to make it, training through the academy provides students with college credit, says Resendes. “Students earn units for training at the academy, so their training is never useless. No one can take that away from you.”

If students are worried about the costs of the classes, American Job Center has teamed up with the program and qualified applicants can have the majority of the training paid for.

Resendes says students should definitely consider the academy if they’re in need of a career. “If you want it, it’s here for the taking. It can benefit your education. If you’re looking for a career, this is the place to come”

Students can go to westec.org to see the academy’s training schedule and other program information.