New Ag classes at BC open to students

Victoria Miller, Opinions Editor


New Agriculture Mechanics classes are now available to Bakersfield College students.

According to Norman Oilar, a BC Agriculture instructor, these new classes will be beneficial to BC and its students.

“Agriculture Mechanics courses will benefit Bakersfield College as an opportunity to learn about the mechanized side of the Agricultural Industry. Bakersfield College students will have an opportunity to gain skills necessary to enter into the Food Processing area of Manufacturing, which is a growing career opportunity,” he said.

Oilar says these classes will help students acquire multiple skills and knowledge, such as tools of the trades, electrical, plumbing, woodwork, fabrication, maintenance, welding & design, as well as equipment operation.

These classes will enable students to earn a degree in agriculture and possibly a certificate, says Oilar. “Initially, students can earn credit towards agriculture degrees in place. We hope to develop a local certificate in Agriculture Mechanics.”

However, Oilar also mentioned that more work needs to be done on a state level to develop an Agriculture Mechanics Pathway for transfer degrees.

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