Construction still going

Marcus Castro, Contributing Editor

Bakersfield College is currently undergoing construction and also has upcoming construction projects.
Don Birdwell of Maintenance and Operations said that the construction project by the Agriculture Department is the new STEM project. The project is planned for completion on May 16.
Once the STEM project is completed, the people using SE 46 will be moved and SE 46 will be reassigned into a robotics lab.
Another ongoing construction project is in the Athletics Department. A coil is being added to the air handlers for the main gym.
“We should have air conditioning for the main gym area now. We can utilize the main gym for a lot more than what we have been in the summer time,” said Birdwell.
Birdwell explained that the path of travel project will be going into bidding stage on Feb. 16. He also said that that way signage will be added on campus on May 16.
The BC Veterans Lounge will be moved from the current room while a room is currently being renovated for them. The project should be finished within the next three weeks.
The runways at the main track have been improved, and there has been a request submitted for resurfacing of the track. The hammer ring has also been redone.
At the Haley Street entrance of campus, speed bumps have been installed.
“We had some safety issues from people traveling too fast down Haley entrance. We almost had some people get ran over several times,” said Birdwell.
Some of the mulch in the southeast parking lot has been installed in the stadium. The rest could not be installed due to a kit fox problem, but it will be used in flowerbeds around campus.
The new Maintenance and Operations building will be out of DSA on Feb. 12. It will then go into bidding. The building is being projected for finish by the end of 2016.

[Photos By Jacob Tovar]