Off-campus parking further restricted


J.R. Hensley

Cars sit west along Princeton Ave. where parking now requires a residential permit.

Fernanda Martinez, Reporter

Some of the nearby streets surrounding Bakersfield College have recently had signs posted up stating that there is no parking allowed unless a vehicle has a residential parking permit. This implementation went into effect on April 24 when drivers, including students, were not allowed to park on parts of Princeton Avenue, Bucknell Street, and Radcliffe Avenue on the west side of the campus or on the residences surrounded by Noel Place, Dana Street, and Christmas Tree Lane on the east side of the campus from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Director of Public Safety at BC, Christopher Counts, stated that the Bakersfield City Manager’s Office contacted BC’s public safety department to notify them of the city council’s actions. “This is something that the city came up with because the residents asked for it,” stated Counts. “As soon as we got the notification, we immediately sent out emails to students to let them know about the parking restrictions.” Counts mentioned that many residents were upset because students were parking in their driveways and trash collectors were not picking up their trash because cars were blocking their way. The city has posted signs restricting parking to any driver unless they have a residential parking permit.

“So now all those residents have a permit given by the city that they have to put on their vehicles to park in front of their house. That’s what those residents have asked for. So, if a car is parked on those streets, like if they have a guest or they have a party, and they don’t have any permits and if the city drives by, they are going to get a ticket,” said Counts.

Counts also mentioned that each resident is given an amount of permits to use and hand out to their guests to park legally.Angel Rivero is a student at BC who previously parked on those areas. “For me it is a bit of an inconvenience but I can understand why they did that because I would see that some residents had to put their trash cans further out into the street so that they would get picked up. It sucks for us, but this is their property and they have the right to do that,” stated Rivero.

“I have been late to class twice this week because I come in the morning when cars are trying to find parking and I’ve had to park further out,” stated Sandy Diaz, who is also a BC student. “The good thing is that there’s only a few more weeks of class left so I won’t have to struggle with finding parking for long. I guess it’s worth buying the student parking pass because you’ll be closer and you know that your car will be more secure on that side.” Counts also stated that the public safety department had received a few phone calls with complaints about the residential parking restrictions.

“This was something done within the city council and we referred [calls] to the city because we have no jurisdiction over that issue.” A map of the streets where residential parking is enforced can be found on the Bakersfield College website.