Dr. Paula Green share tools for peacebuilding

Alex Gutierrez, Reporter

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Peacebuilding is one thing distinguished speaker Dr. Paula Green is most recognized for.
Green is the founder of the Karuna Center for peacebuilding, a nonprofit organization whose statement is to empower people divided by conflict to develop mutual understanding and to create sustainable peace, according to their vision.
Karuna Center uses a grassroots model to further pave the way for what they envision. One of the first conflicts Karuna Center guided assurance in was the Bosnian war and Rwandan Genocide. Now over 25 years later it’s worked with many conflicts all around the world to achieve peace.
The Karuna Center operates out of Massachusetts, but its impact is displayed all over the world.
Meaning the small central organization has a large and powerful impact on those affected by their work.
However, those at the center are not alone in the attempt for peacebuilding and understanding.
The Karuna Center works with a huge number of external facilitators through its global network of religious leaders, government ministries, multi-lateral organizations, and war-affected communities.
Dr. Green has seen through-and-through how positive her psychological and sociological work can be. She wields these insights by intimately interconnecting understanding and comprehension through the characterized sociological and psychological wisdom.
“This approach generated respectful and effective dialogue, reconciliation, and collaborative problem solving between warring parties,” Green said.
Green enticed the audience by dissecting her peace-building efforts using philosophy as the backbone. Greens tools for peacebuilding not only include her insights and wisdom of political, sociological, and psychological efforts, but also her sense of social responsibility and spiritual awareness.
Green said society should spread the skills and tools for peacebuilding so we can reconstruct conflict using those same skills and ideas. Greens grassroots Karuna Center directly offers programs all over the world in different types of communities struck with conflict in an attempt to bring peace to communities. Along with her help, Green wants to disseminate the tools for peacebuilding to teach future generations these tools and to also spare no effort in the process of bringing divided communities together.