Emilio Huerta announces candidacy for the Kern County board of supervisors

Mariah Olivarez, Reporter

Longtime Community activist Emilio Huerta announced his candidacy for the Kern County Board of Supervisors for District 4 on Oct. 29.

Huerta is the current general counsel for the Dolores Huerta Foundation which is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to helping the lives of low-income residents.

Since a young age, Huerta has seen the struggle and dedicated his time to helping those in need. When he was only 16 Huerta dropped out of high school and went on to become a full-time volunteer for the United Farm Workers Union and at the age of 20, he was then trained as a labor negotiator to represent Farm Workers all throughout California.

After these successes, Huerta went on to the California State University of Bakersfield and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and a Juris Doctorate degree from Santa Clara University School of Law.

Emilio Huerta

Huerta was also a part of the Cesar Chavez Foundation, as a general council member, who developed more than $500 million in affordable housing in a few States, those states being California, Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico. Then in 2016, Emilio became the Democratic party nominee for California’s 21st Congressional District.

On Oct. 29th, Huerta issued a statement that stated, ” I’ve decided to run for the Board of Supervisors because it’s time to boldly address and implement real solutions to the problems families are facing in Kern County. As a longtime resident of Kern County, I have been disappointed with the board’s record and confronting and resolving our community’s most pressing issues. Our community simply can no longer tolerate ill-advised budgetary cuts in law enforcement, job creation, infrastructure repairs, the lack of delivery of mental health services, parks, underfunded libraries and inadequate strategies in dealing with our homeless population. My commitment to Kern voters is to be the community’s champion for positive and sensible change.”

Huerta went on to address the major problems in Kern County families and what they deserve, among these talking points were:

Safety for Kern County Families 

Emilio stated within this agenda that he will fight to restore the cuts to anti-gang programs, advocate for equitable pay and benefits for first responders, promote police training in de-escalation and cross-cultural skills and adequate funding for after-school programs.

Clean water for Kern County Families 

Huerta explains that it is a human right to have access to clean water. He promises once he is supervisor, that he will halt industries from polluting groundwater with pesticides and chemicals.

The best educational opportunities for Kern County Families 

Huerta promises to fight in creating partnerships with local schools to focus on vocational education needs.

Safe schools for Kern County Families 

Huerta states that he will fight to ensure that each school within the community is safe for children by supporting earthquake retrofitting and improved fire safety.

Excellent Healthcare for Kern County Families 

Huerta stresses that he will fight to ensure that there will be access to Covered California healthcare for more Kern County residents and that nonprofit clinics are also fully funded for those without access to insurance.

Access to quality affordable housing for Kern County Families 

Huerta states he will fight, in low- and moderate-income housing, for increased investments. He promises to make sure the “35 opportunity zones” in Kern County will be used for low-income housing investments creating opportunities for those in need.

Kern County Veterans support

Huerta ensures that he will fight to have available delivery of social services to returning veterans and to recruit veterans for public service and private sector careers.

An end to the homeless crisis for Kern County Families 

Huerta promises to have an increase in funding services for social and mental health issues for homeless persons along with transitional and permanent housing for homeless Kern County residents.