RapeAxe won’t prevent rape

Alana Garrett, Reporter

By Alana Garrett



Sonnet Ehlers, a South African doctor, is trying to make a change for all women. However, the change Ehlers is trying to make is very questionable.

Ehlers has invented an anti-rape device called The Rape-Axe. The device is an anti-rape condom that has sharp barbs lining the inside of the condom. These barbs will snag the attacker or rapist if they try to pull away and acts like a painful Chinese finger trap.

After The Rape Axe is attached to the attackers penis, it can only be surgically removed. If the man were to try and remove The Rape-Axe, he would only cause himself extreme discomfort. As crazy as this may sound, this allows the hospitals to identify rapist and attackers that have the device attached.

To be honest, a portion of my brain applauds Ehlers for trying to prevent rape, I think it is very noble of her, but a larger and logical portion of my brain is questioning The Rape-Axe.

First, my brain questions the description of the device. It’s described as a latex sheath that contains razor sharp barbs. When I think of a sheath I think of something that holds a knife or an ax, and I definitely don’t think I would like that inserted into my vagina.

Then I hear razor sharp barbs, and although the barbs are on the inside the latex sheath, unable to harm me, I don’t trust it. Nothing is 100% accident- proof and I don’t want any accidents happening there.

Finally, I have another problem with The Rape Axe, after the rapist has the device attached to his penis, he will probably become even more aggressive and kill his victim.

I’m sure that Ehlers has good intentions with the device, especially since South Africa has a high number of rapes each year, although, I feel there are more effective items for preventing rape, like pepper spray, tasers, or pretty much a lot of other weapons you don’t have to have inserted in your privates.