We need structure within a society to maintain quality

We need structure within a society to maintain quality

James Macias, Reporter

Without some degree of social order there would be no one left to complain about the so-called ‘oppressive’ systems that keep us alive and taught us to speak in the first place.

As Karl Marx wrote, “Free development of each is the condition for the free development of all.” The father of modern socialism would have us believe that a system can be enacted to provide a perfect utopian state to the workers while simultaneously eliminating the 1% whom Marx famously labeled ‘the bourgeoisie.’ This segment of our population evidently has the will and the means to run/rule our world any way they see fit seemingly with or without our knowledge and consent.

Some have complained that his methods are too simplified or blunt, effectively driving the individual into obscurity in favor of the greater good, institutionalizing ideas like conformity and insignificance in favor of production and fair play.

Anarchy in terms of complete lawlessness and total lack of any central authority is more the dream of the criminal element that would rather have less control and less establishment for obvious reasons.

Lets talk about human social structure or ‘the system’. It’s hard to picture a day without your smart phone or a Sunday drive without a paved road. I’m talking about infrastructure, both social and technological. The result of the hard work and foresight of the men and woman who came before us and left behind these institutions, interstates and icons we use to define our culture. Clearly, a byproduct of the human social structure is a reliable infrastructure.

Men and woman are deeply flawed creatures themselves, and not always reliable in their sense of moral dedication or social responsibility. That is to say as individuals we don’t care that much about each other or our affect on the larger social animal. I know no one wants to think that, but there it is.

We get away with this kind of irresponsible disregard today because of a massive and complex system of reinforced, interconnected infrastructure that is in place and working hard for us every day, and has been since before it was of concern to us. (Before we were born).

This convenient fact makes it easy for kids to sit back, throw on some Suicidal Tendencies, and have a Pepsi while complaining that, “The man is –insert today’s drama here–!”

I wonder if there were no supermarkets at all because the farms had been burned to the ground by roving bands of nomads for the fourth year running, would people be less likely to villainize the government, and talk instead about how much they love America.

The real sticking point is that while you may or may not be equipped to survive in a world without Walgreen’s the truth is you would not want to and you know it.

We may not always like the way that our system treats us but regardless we are mortally dependent upon it.

Suggesting otherwise is absurd. Like asserting that fish only stay underwater because no other environment is immediately available or convenient. Every fish I have ever pulled out of water has died in seconds with obvious pain and distress.