Show rock concerts some love

Vanessa A. Munoz, Opinions Editor

For a town that credits itself to being the rock band Korn’s headquarters, there isn’t much to this town other than country music going on in its music scene.

When I first moved to Bakersfield in the ’90s, I couldn’t turn a channel on the radio stations without hearing about a rock band headlining at the Bakersfield Convention Center. Now I have to look for some underground band that’s semi-decent playing a gig at Jerry’s Pizza or B Ryder’s sports bar. What I want to know is what happened to the Bakersfield rock scene?

So far I have encountered an abundance of country music concerts and a crazed obsession with these rap concerts that seem to turn into a gang initiation here in Bakersfield.

As for country, I completely understand the love that Bakersfield has for these artists and their music from Billy Mize to Merle Haggard. They helped put Bakersfield on the map. The image that Bakersfield now has for itself is all country when it comes to our city. People around the nation recognize our city as a country town filled with farms, of course but were still on the map.

Of course if you live here you’ll know that we have our share of gangs, violence, and killings, which brings me to my next subject.

Why the hell do we keep allowing rap concerts if the people that attend them do not know how to act?

Every year there are numerous rap concerts in Bakersfield obviously because it has now become the new trend to idolize these rappers so much that you want to be them. From what they wear to what they drink and even what they smoke. Their idolized so much that people kill each other because these rappers make it seem foolproof and respected. I know rock concerts have their flaws from deadly mosh-pit stomping to drug use but those can be found at any rap concert as well. So what’s the discrimination about when it comes to rock concerts? Rappers are now using rock instrumentals as well as old school melody from classic rock bands and artist, yet the acceptance of rock music in general is not as common as rap music.

The love that this city has for its musicians is noticeable. This city indulges in arts, film, and music but the problem is it’s selective. How can we grow when the choices that are given to us are chosen for us?

I’m all for diversity and change. The fact that our city can have such a thriving love for multiple types of entertainment is a huge step toward a prosperous and diverse community. Bakersfield has grown into a multicultural community filled with different lifestyles, so I feel all cultures should be made accounted for and not just the obvious country and rap.

Even with the underground rock scene growing to the city wide party scene that is has lately I feel the selective media this city has will not allow the underground scene to grow any further. So notably someone has to step up and say, “Let there be progress and change.”

I’m sure there is more to the loss of the rock scene than just its fan base. Yet I am also sure the attention certain venues get is also a factor when it comes to the concert selection this city has.

Then again with what is being considered rock music, according to the rock stations, then I don’t blame venues for not wanting to headline any new rock bands here in Bakersfield.

So talk about withdrawals. When it comes to music, this city seems to lack on its headliners.