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Stick with what you know you are good at

Vanessa A. Munoz, Opinions Editor

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As with most things in life, time seems to make things better. For example, wine, medicine, movies, technology and food. One thing that has declined in talent over time is music. Almost anyone can get a record deal these days from actors to athletes just as long you have the funds to cover the equipment usage.

Athletes like Shaquille O’Neal have tried to share their rhythm and lyric skills with the world by putting together songs and albums that sound like he’s out of breath in every verse.

There are actresses like Scarlett Johansson and Gwyneth Paltrow who feel they have the vocal capability to sing all because they portrayed a singer in a movie. Then you have some actresses who actually make it as a musician, such as Jennifer Lopez, but then again that would depend on who you ask because some would say she doesn’t have any talent at all.

Then there are actors turned musician who are talented enough to have their own album and have recognizable skills that can be acknowledged as music worthy, such as Jamie Foxx.

The transition from actor to musician hardly ever goes well, yet there are so many incidents where a musician gets into acting and that crossover ends up successful. So does it mean that musicians can be movie stars, but movie starts can’t be musicians? Some of these musicians have the looks, but they don’t have the talent to be on the big screen yet.

In Hollywood, good looks can get you far in the show business. The majority of these crossovers are all about name, and it’s normal to see these famous faces everywhere, so when we see them on the big screen or on TV it’s supposed to be normal, yet these faces haven’t earned or lack the talent that used to be required in order to be on TV.

With the compilation of different talents joining in the music scene, music in general has changed. Not only do we have rap artists mixing in rock music or country musicians taking a rap twist on how they sing their songs, but there are mixtures of beats and melodies that are influenced by the region of where the artist comes from. There’s nothing wrong with that, but defining the types of music now is a lot harder and way more confusing because of the many different influences.

Time may be the factor, but it’s the talent in us that makes and accepts these changes. Is it time that changes us as listeners and changes what we consider talent? Making it acceptable to encourage those who have the full capability to earn or learn in a specific field, yet don’t want to, only sets our future up for failure. Then these people will want to be acknowledged for these talents and given the credit for them, which only gives them a sense of entitlement that they don’t deserve.

There is nothing wrong with exploring your talents, but when you don’t have any talent in a specific field, then just stay where you are in life or try a different route or talent. Money can’t buy you talent, and sometimes it’s better to stick with your day job. Forcing a bad decision onto the rest of the world because of your refusal to admit that you don’t have what it takes is inconsiderate toward others.

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Stick with what you know you are good at