Postal Service mails a remix of old & new

By Robin Shin

Online Editor

After a decade since the release of “Give Up,” The Postal Service is back with a re-issue.  The album was released in a digital, compact disk and vinyl copy, all three of which come in different prices.  When I first heard that they were going to re-issue the album, I was quite confused.


I was expecting something of computer remixing, but then I told myself, wait, the entire group is already electronic. What are they going to do?

Reach out for more modern audiences and deviate? Maybe even go team up with some pop star like Taylor Swift? No offense, but if so then – no, thank you! But my assumptions were wrong, and I shouldn’t have thought that low of The Postal Service. The teasers of their songs were enough for me to give a knock on my head for thinking in such a way.

The re-issue begins with the first 10 songs from the first release, and then the second half contains remixes of their old songs and couple of new songs.

I already adored and still adore the first album, so I could have listened to the first 10 songs of the album over and over as I had done previously, but as I waited and finally got to the second half of the album, I was really happy with the results.

The remixes were well done and tuned to match the rest of the album’s relaxed mood. They were given a chilled tune as the previous album did.

There were pieces performed by other bands such as The Shins, Iron & Wine and remixes done by other artists.

Their new songs, which were used to promote their re-issue, “Turn Around” and “A Tattered Line of String,” took me a moment to warm up to, but I picked it up before the song was over.

It wasn’t just the fact that I am a fan of Death Cab for Cutie that I began to like the song, but the tune was a bit more upbeat. Both Jimmy Tamborello and Ben Gibbard really did a good job bringing back the album that brought a lot of attention when it was first released.

When I listened to the album from the first track to track 25, I came in tune with my surroundings. It really helped me chill, especially when I’m in the dark room developing films and making prints for my photography class.  To me The Postal Service really brought  electropop back to the current generation.

I really recommend this album to those who were and still are fans of The Postal Service, or even albums and pieces done by Jimmy Tamborello or Ben Gibbard.

I highly suggest that you buy the album and give it a go! That is, if you already didn’t buy the album yet!