Kid Rock reinvents himself with release of latest album

Elka Wyatt, Reporter

It’s always good to come across an artistic chameleon. Kid Rock can blend in with just about any genre of music. He is one of those artists that can play several instruments, act, produce music, write songs, sing and rap.

“First Kiss,” Kid’s 10th studio album was released on Feb. 24, and it looks like he is leaning toward old country.

The title song, “First Kiss,” is about young love and all the mushy stuff that comes with it. To me, it is a bit reminiscent of Bryan Adams from the mid ’80s.

“Good Times, Cheap Wine” is kind of a bluesy rock with almost a country feel. I can envision this song playing in a country bar with its own line dance.

“Johnny Cash” is not about Johnny Cash as I had anticipated. He talks about how he likes everything about his Kentucky girl and how he walks the line for her and will be her Johnny Cash.

“Ain’t Enough Whiskey” is another bluesy rock song. His message in the song is that there is not enough whiskey to make him change his views on politics and certain things that the government wants to change, like taking away the right to bear arms.

“Drinking Beer With Dad” is a rite of passage song starting with his own dad and ending with his own son. He sings about the best education he ever had and some of the best times he ever had was drinking beer on the porch with his dad. The sound of the steel guitar is clearly heard, giving it a country feel.

“Good Time Looking For Me” has an unmistakable honky tonk sound, fitting, since the song is about good times, rambling, whiskey, and song.

In “Best of Me”, he talks about how crazy life on the stage is, and though he gives his audience his all, his woman gets the best part of him. There is a funky organ, which gives it a country-funk vibe.

In “One More Song” his “hot little hooker” of a woman left him and he just wants to listen to some good time rock ’n’ roll and drink her off his mind with a friend, and it seems that friend is a girl.

“Jesus and Bocephus” is the first song that I heard before the album came out. He played it live on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon. A ballad, it starts out with one long note from a fiddle. He sings about Hank Williams Jr. and Jesus, how both of them have been there for him in his life.

Finally, “Say Goodbye” is a song that speaks of the reluctant end of a relationship. It reminds me somewhat of the Eagles back in the day.

If you buy the explicit version, “FOAD” is the same music as “Say Goodbye” but with different lyrics. Basically it’s a not-so-nice version of “Say Goodbye,” which is a bonus track on the explicit album.

All songs were written or co-written by Kid Rock under R.J. Richie (his birth name is Robert James Richie.)

All in all, I enjoyed this album, as I do most of Kid Rock’s albums. I like the fact that he switches up his game. Each time he re-invents himself, he gets that much better. Not to mention that his “First Kiss: Cheap Date Tour” concert tickets are only $20.