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Bye summer, hello fall

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Finally, summer is winding down, and fall is nearing.

As the sky begins to have grayer days, the temperatures begin to fall. It’ll be nice to walk out of our houses and get in our cars without that instant rush of nearly unbearable heat – the heat that is seemingly just waiting for you in your car.

The season of sweatshirts and jackets allows for more diversity when it comes to one’s wardrobe choices. Being comfortable is key during fall. It’s the time when you can finally wear sweats and not just for style but to stay warm and cozy.

Along with fall come the sports. It’s around this time that the NFL and college football seasons are in full effect. The NBA season begins during this time, and the MLB playoffs start. Nearly every day of the week there is a sporting event that can be watched on TV.

Fall is the time when many well-known shows start their new seasons. Some shows that are returning are “The Walking Dead,” “Chicago Fire,” “The Blacklist,” and “American Horror Story.”

With the mixture of several sports seasons and many TV shows returning this fall, the entertainment levels will be high.

The fall season brings many families together as there are holidays during this time.

Thanksgiving is a great holiday for families. This is the day that many families get to see family members that they haven’t had a chance to see all year long. Chatting with your family and feasting on a great meal is always a great time.

Halloween is a time where little ones get to have an immense amount of fun getting as much candy as they possibly can. Halloween is not only for kids; there are many Halloween themed events and parties that adults can attend as well. It can be a fun holiday for everyone.

Labor Day and Columbus Day give many people a three-day weekend. Who doesn’t love a three-day weekend?

With all the things going on during fall, people shouldn’t fall too short on things to do or watch. Fall is going to be here soon no matter what, so hopefully everyone is ready for it.

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Bye summer, hello fall