Movie Review: Parody movie has much laughter to all the viewers

Mason J. Rockfellow, Editor in Chief

“Meet the Blacks” is a comical take on the past suspense movie series “The Purge.”

Carl Black, played by Mike Epps, is a resident of Chicago who has his own wiring company and ends up robbing drug dealer Key Low, played by Charlie Murphy, after Key Low gets arrested.

After robbing Key Low of his money and a large amount of marijuana, Carl uproots his family and moves to a mansion in Beverly Hills in search of a better life and to get away from the purge and his past, or at least he thought he was.

With any parody movie, I don’t usually have very high expectations on these films, as most parodies are supposed to be dumb, stereotypical, with bad acting and corny lines usually scattered throughout the movie.

All in all, I thought “Meet the Blacks” was hilarious and kept me laughing the entire time, and at some moments, it even had me shaking my head because it was so bad, yet so funny at the same time.

Carl thought moving across the country was going to keep everything he left behind in Chicago including all of his debt to people, but he was wrong.

With the movie starting out on the day of the purge, Carl is trying to get his family to start acting like one. But there is tension between his new wife Lorena, played by Zulay Henao, and his kids Allie, played by Bresha Webb, and Carl Jr., played by Alex Henderson.

Carl decides that they are going to take a family walk in their new rich and fancy neighborhood. Carl believes that people in Beverly Hills can’t take part in the purge because they have everything they want, big mansions, nice cars, lots of money, etc. But he was wrong, and when they took their family walk in their new neighborhood, Carl and his family quickly find out that it is just as bad and probably even worse than it was back in Chicago, as everyone on the block is preparing for the purge by loading automatic weapons, taking out masks, and prepping other various type of weapons.

Once the purge started, they had locked themselves in the house and things began to unfold as everyone from his past in Chicago, who Carl owed anything to, just starts to show up and try to kill him and his family, not too mention all the rich neighbors who aren’t happy about them moving into the neighborhood.

As more and more attempts are made on the Black’s lives, you start to see the family getting along and being more caring for each other.

By the end of the movie, the Blacks look like they just went through hell, but they are now a family, through and through.

If you like parodies with crude humor and stereotypes, then “Meet the Blacks” is right up your alley. (3/5 Stars)