Filthy Frank’s ‘Pink season’ is uproarious

Mario Saldaña, Digital Content Editor

After years of Internet success as a comedian and a music artist on YouTube, George Miller or popularly known as “Filthy Frank” on his YouTube channel, released his long-anticipated album Pink Season in early January.

Filthy Frank is infamous for his absurd and very crude dark humor on his channel, which features music he makes, rants, and a bizarre, anime-like show, that is not animated at all. In his channel, George Miller also has many alter egos, this album focusing on Pink Guy.

Miller is already well known for his music as “Joji”, and this album really shows the great quality of the production in the music Miller creates. The album has a lot of high-quality beats that are arguably a lot better than any other producer, coming from the fact it’s pretty much him working on every song.

Songs like “STFU” have an acoustic guitar strumming as he sings in the beginning, but out of nowhere the beat drops and a hip-hop beat comes through as he raps his verses. This song is the most notable song on the album since it actually bumped off Ed Sheeran from the number one spot on Spotify.

Very well-produced and catchy songs you can take seriously like “Rice Balls,” “Dumplings,” “Pink Life,” “Fried Noodles,” “We Fall Again,” and a few other songs, are found on this album that have real, insane lyrics that will have you hooked, though most of the songs do have grade-A type of hip-hop beats that bring out the creative and talented side of Miller, which can be the biggest positive of this album. Though since his alter ego, Pink Guy, is the star of the album here, I will easily admit this album has many tracks that will have you laughing, but in no means in a good way. With this album, you’ll either never hear it again, or even share this with any of your friends or peers, even though it does have very great quality hip-hop tracks and beats that can go head-to-head with any other mainstream song.

As awful as this album can be for not taking itself seriously, Miller brings up a very great point at the end of his song “Rice Ball,” explaining the whole situation with the album.

“I didn’t even know real and fake music existed, I mean, I think it’s your fault for putting that into categories like, music is music if you don’t think this is real music that’s your problem.”

Explaining to many of his fans who wanted more of a Joji project instead of this “not serious” Pink Guy album, that it’s all music whether you like it or not, it’s all made by him, nothing is different.

If you have no idea who Filthy Frank is, you really won’t enjoy this album, and most likely you will think it’s pure trash, and that’s perfectly fine, solely because of the lyrics and the topics it brings up. It’s not that George Miller means all the crude and absurd humor.

His whole take on his YouTube channel is a huge satire of what is the Internet, and how people use it, bringing it up in an edgy, comedic way, and this album clearly has it. This album is now available on Apple Music and Spotify.