BTS’ latest album does not disappoint


Karla Gutierrez

Love Yourself: The physical copy comes with a poster and photo album with two hidden tracks.

Karla Gutierrez, Photo Editor

BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys or Beyond the Scene, has been growing worldwide with their top hits such as, “DNA” and “Mic Drop,” and their flashy choreography is another thing that does not go unnoticed. I can’t forget that they also have their huge “A.R.M.Y” (fans) backing them up. They recently released a new album late last year called, “Love Yourself: Her,” which features two hidden tracks if a person orders the physical copy. The physical copy also comes with a poster, a photo album, and two collector cards as well.

BTS is a Korean boy group that contains seven members. They all have different role in the group. For instance, Jimin is one of the four main singers and dancers. Another example is Suga, who is one of three rappers and is one of the composers of the group. Most of the members incorporate their own style into composing.

I listened to this album three times as soon as I received it in the mail. The first time, I listened to it was to get the sense of what the songs were going to sound like since I do not speak Korean. After that, I listened to the album while reading the English translation of the lyrics, which then got me more intrigued into the songs. The last time, I actually did some research of what the lyrics meant to the boy band themselves.

RM, who is the leader and rapper of the group, talked with Billboard where he mentioned that the order of how the songs are aligned has a story to it. For example, he said that they included their BBMA (Billboard Music Award) speech before their song “Mic Drop” because they knew that in that moment, they revolutionized K-Pop and have made it worldwide known artists. They don’t need to prove anything to anyone from that point forward. What I did like about this album is that they talk about their own insecurities and the serious events that are occurring in society today.

One example is the song “GoGo” which explains that society leaves the young generation to have no choice other than living without a care in the world and putting their life to waste. RM referred to the lyrics as if someone were to spend $30 on a claw crane machine and later realizing that they spent it all on that machine without any regrets. That is where the phrase “YOLO” comes in the song. One of the hidden tracks, “Sea,” essentially is a reflection of how they used to be looked down upon by the big world of K-Pop and how people did not believe that they would make it until they finally proved that they are worthy of being successful. At the same time, they did not feel satisfied because even if they were receiving rewards and getting publicity, they felt like they should be setting the bar even higher.

They recently finished their WINGS World Tour this past December where they traveled to four different continents. They came to North America where the performed at Chicago, Anaheim, and Newark, with only five concerts around the United States and sold out all of them. They are currently touring in Korea for this new album and are making and an appearance at the iHeartRadio Music Awards at Los Angeles in March.

I would recommend this album to people, even if they do not speak Korean or like K-Pop because their songs, throughout the album, always change and have deep meanings. For instance, the album starts with a slow song, “Intro: Serendipity”, and then it transitions into “DNA” which is a very swell song. BTS’ music can be enjoyed by all age groups.

5 out of 5 Stars