Karaoke Night at the new Downtown Red Zone

Diana Coronado, Reporter

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Friday night plans just became Karaoke Night at the new Downtown Red Zone.

On April 6, I made my way down to the new Red Zone, given the fact that it was my first bar experience it was unexpectedly a fun night over all.

Every Friday they have hosted these karaoke nights to boost up their ratings. The event is from 9 p.m.-1a.m., the music selections ranged from Latin, Country, 80s and more there was something for everyone.

The singing portion went on for about half the night, the fun didn’t stop there the DJ played the audiences’ favorite jams and everyone danced the night away.

I forced my friends to come out with me that night and I knew they wouldn’t let me get away with it unless I sang a song, so therefore I gave the audience what they wanted a horrible version of “That’s What I Like” by Bruno Mars.

Turns out I wasn’t the only one with no singing talent, others were forced as well, or just went up there themselves, in the end it was all for fun and laughs which made the night even more fun.

As for their drinks, the prices varied from $4-$9, wasn’t too bad it was a reasonable amount. Seems to me they sell you the alcohol rather than a drink because let me tell you those drinks were pretty strong.

I consider myself a light weight, because with just two drinks in I was feeling pretty happy.

My overall favorite drinks were the Margaritas, Green Apple, and Adios.

The fact the they had a good amount of security guards gave you that safe feelings that you could enjoy the night with friends without a problem. Due to past situations that have occurred at the other Red Zone, I feel they make it their top priority to provide a safe, yet fun environment for their guests.

The night was drama free, usually you think down town bar means problems, the complete opposite here, it was like a few drinks with some good music makes everyone friends.

“One of my biggest fears is getting in front of strangers specially to sing, but tonight was so much fun all the fear went away, I sang “How About Now” by Drake, just to throw a little shade to past girlfriends” Christian Salazar said.

“A night out with the girls was exactly what I needed, I sang my heart out to a classic “Vas a Llorar Por Mi” by Banda El Recodo, clearly I wasn’t the only one in my feelings, all my single ladies in here were singing along” Rose Amador said.

So next time you find yourself bored on a Friday night make your way to the new Downtown Red Zone at 900 Truxtun Ave.