Escape Room: Despite a decent premise, it is not good enough to save its own life

Hope ShyAnne, Reporter

Movie poster for the 2019 movie “Escape Room.”

The conundrum of six strangers solving an escape room that suddenly turns into numerous death traps appeared as if it would be a good horror movie, but in reality, was a death trap for the audience to sit through for an hour and a half.

Released on January 4 of this year, “Escape Room,” directed by Adam Robitel, had thriller, mystery, and horror fans excited to watch the movie.

Six lucky strangers with six different personalities: Zoey Davis (Taylor Russell), Ben Miller (Logan Miller), Jason Walker (Jay Ellis), Mike Nolan (Tyler Labine), Amanda Harper (Deborah Ann Woll), and Danny Khan (Nik Dodani) all receive gifts from people they trust to go to a free escape room; a real-life adventure game played by groups to find a way out of the room by discovering clues and solving puzzles in the room.

Discovering quite soon that the escape room they are locked in has real “life or death” situations, the crew tries to slowly and uneventfully to escape their ultimate deaths.

The characters’ backstories were made to add emotions, but it just made the actors into mechanical automatons.

When characters faced death by the deadly puzzles from each room, their struggles leave the same lingering feeling the, “Saw” movies do. And when the brutal, half-hour long ending drags on, you can tell that the director wants this to be a series.

The mystery of the film seemed to be which of the six strangers would die first and then which one would be next.

The first room brought heat and fire and an explosion in attempts to kill the players. While the second one, obviously, was a room designed to make the group freeze to death.

One room is even upside down, which clearly has the floor give out slowly so the characters can fall to their death.

Each room and each death were excessively predictable. For people who actually enjoy puzzles and mysteries, this movie will waste your time.

But if you enjoy “Blue’s Clues,” this movie would be great for you.