James Burger, is it worth the drive?

Hope ShyAnne, Reporter

Google Images
James Burger on James Rd. in Bakersfield, CA.

It was a hole in the wall, and it wasn’t worth the time- James Burger, located on James Road, is a bland burger joint. It was pouring down rain, and I was freezing, discovering a new tasty burger was on my mind. However, I ended up tasting a very tasteless patty on a warm buttered bun.
James Burger, opened by Waou Elis about three months ago, is located by the oil fields in Oildale. It’s the perfect neck of the woods (location?) for oilfield workers and truckers that drive through to sit down and enjoy a fast, fresh meal.
It’s even open at 5 am, Monday through Friday, and serves breakfast. But the breakfast has limited options- it’s just a bunch of differently themed burritos and good ol’ biscuits and gravy.
Upon walking in I immediately noticed the cleanliness and pleasant looking tile on the floor. The place was small, with only five small tables spread through the dining area, which was also apart of the ordering area.
There wasn’t any decor up except a chuckle endorsing sign in the restroom stating, “No farting.”
Walking straight in the menu is posted above the cash register.  Since not a sign of life was inside, cue the tumbleweed, when I walked in I noticed a bell on the counter, I took a second and just looked at the menu and after a few moments a man, the owner Mr. Elis, popped up around the corner and waited for me to order.
Small talk was not in his vocabulary as my attempts were shut down, however he did wait patiently for me to pick my food order.
I ordered a cheeseburger and fries combo which came out to be $9.99, it came with a very small drink with free refills.
About eight minutes later I had received a giant basket of fries and yummy looking burger in front of me.
The toppings were typical burger toppings (lettuce and tomatoes), it wasn’t bad, the meat just had no flavor!
I recommend James Burger for anyone that works in the oil fields by its location if not, it isn’t a pushpin on your food road map to go to.