Will Smith’s “Gemini Man” is predictable

David Portillo, Reporter

A duo of Will Smiths star in the 2019 action flick “Gemini Man.” The film, directed by Ang Lee, is a real visual marvel. Although the film is an absolute joy to look at, the plot drags it down in the most cliché ways.
The film follows Henry Brogan (Will Smith) and his sudden targeting of a mysterious operative who looks very similar to him, a clone also played by Smith who is digitally made to look like the star in his twenties.
The plot seems like a setup for an extremely fun time at the movies, but the writing makes the movie a real let down. Dull dialogue and easy to predict setups are seen throughout the movie. Smith seems to try to give his all in his performance, but the result is boring and seems way too repetitive. With an almost two-hour run time, it just keeps dragging on.
The film seems like its pulled from the year 2005 and with all of its flaws that all of the action films of that period had. It simply doesn’t live up to 2019 standards.
“Gemini Man” is so predictable that it seems like a 15-year-old fan wrote the script and the director just went with it. As a result, the movie flopped and didn’t seem to pull an audience to give it the time of day.
Through all of the film’s negatives, the entire grab of the film is the double Will Smith experience and it delivers. Technology in all aspects of life has come a long way and “Gemini Man” shows it with the motion capture of Smith. His performance felt like there were two of him on screen at once. At some points, it seems like the younger Smith character is his entity and isn’t captured through technology. To be fair, if there is any reason to see this movie it’s that.
“Gemini Man” should be a good movie, but it’s ridden with a predictable script that keeps it from being unique and falls flat even with the star power that the director tried to capture with two doses of Will Smith.