Billie Eilish gets personal on her new single “Your Power” from her upcoming album.

Teresa Balmori Perez, Reporter

Singer-songwriter and Grammy winning, Billie Eilish gets personal on her new single “Your Power” from her anticipated sophomore album “Happier Than Ever” which is set to release on July 30. 

The song is a laid-back acoustic indie-folk song with some pop elements to it. Throughout the song, Eilish uses her falsetto and soft vocals while an acoustic guitar plays in the background. As the song progresses, the bass builds up, which makes the song have a fuller sound to it but without overpowering the other instruments. 

“Your Power” is about a toxic and unhealthy relationship between two people. In the song, she sings about how her ex took advantage of her while they were dating and only feels sorry because he got exposed. Eilish then encourages people to not use their power against someone while they’re in a relationship because of the impact it could have on the other person. She sings “try not to abuse your power/ I know we didn’t choose to change.” Eilish then goes on to sing “I thought that I was special / You made me feel like it was my fault, you were the devil / Lost your appeal.” At only 19-years-old, Eilish managed to write such a vulnerable song with the help of her brother, Finneas O’Connell, who also produced the track.  

“This is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written,” Eilish wrote in an Instagram post.” I feel very vulnerable putting this one out because I hold it so close to my heart. This is about many different situations that we’ve all either witnessed or experienced. I hope I can inspire change. Try not to abuse your power.” 

Along with her new single, she also released a music video with it. The video was directed by Eilish herself. In the video, she is seen sitting on a mountain while a snake is slowly strangling her. Eilish being slowly strangled by a snake is not surprising for some of her fans because she has been known for her bizarre and unique music videos in the past. However, for people who are not familiar with her videos, it could be very strange to see and people may wonder how she is not scared of an anaconda being that close to her. 

This track is a powerful and personal song, not just for Eilish but for anyone who is going through a similar situation. It also shows that she has matured as an artist through her new music. If you have not heard this song or seen the music video, highly recommend you do. Even if you’re not a huge fan of her, maybe it will change your perspective of her as an artist.