2022’s “The Batman”

Collin Acevedo, Features Editor

2022’s “The Batman” gives a new representation of Batman; with its multi-star cast and astonishing camera work, it presents the world’s greatest detective in immaculate form. Co-written and directed by Matt Reeves, he offers a new interpretation of Batman in a slick, dark noir reboot of the character released March 4.

With Robert Pattinson standing as the new caped crusader, he takes the position in stride, being a more distinct character instead of the usual playboy that Bruce Wayne is. In Reeves’ film, he holds a quiet and strange persona, committed to Batman’s life, as his alter ego Bruce Wayne isn’t seen in public; as he lurks in the shadows under Alfred’s (Andy Serkis) guidance, playing a father-son duo.

The all-star cast, which helps illuminate the movie throughout, brings subtle ripples into the film, with Catwoman (Zoë Kravitz) playing a great supporting character and love interest. At the same time, Penguin (Colin Farell) is a foul enough opponent to go toe to toe with Batman, but Farell still doesn’t stand close to the main villain Paul Dano’s the Riddler. Taking inspiration from the zodiac killings while also presenting haunting psychological themes, he is horrifying, sadistic, and intricate. Giving each scene just the right amount of care shows how this ensemble’s cultivation has created one of the best films of 2022.

Taking a year two Batman and diving into the heart of Gotham, “The Batman” is beautifully dark and mysterious, bringing the world’s greatest detective theme to the heart. Reeves’ direction and the cinematography of Greig Fraser give a beautiful and damning Batman with its dark palette and connections with the characters setting up more to come but leaves you equally satisfied with what you got. Going by too quick and not fast enough, with subtle hints which tie the story along as it goes, “The Batman” gives the viewer what they want.

It’s all layered out to be enjoyable from fighting gangs, car chases, detective work, and the long moments of silence as Batman works to solve the Riddler has put into action. With action and energy that cultivates you from the beginning with Pattinson giving an overdubbed monologue, showing how he’s the fear surrounding Gotham. It’s beautifully crafted and presented as a stand-alone film not interacting with the DC Extended Universe (DCEU).