Review: ELO – Reality Check Album

Alyssia Flores, Reporter

Oh Min Taek is known by his stage name ELO, a 31-year-old South Korean singer under AOMG Entertainment released his new full album called Reality Check. ELO’s first album titled ‘Blur’ debuted in 2013. Two out of ten of his track songs for the album Reality Check were “Can’t Be Happy” and “Cupcake.” The official music video of “Can’t Be Happy” was released on April 18 2022 and “Cupcake” was released on June 15, 2020.

The “Can’t Be Happy” track song talks about how on the inside he is lonely and that on the outside he is laughing/smiling along like everyone else. ELO also says throughout the song that “Why can’t I be happy?” Throughout the music video, the same scenery keeps being shown on repeat, and through this repeat, he keeps saying, “nothing has changed.”

What I think he is trying to convey is that he is in an endless cycle that keeps repeating over and over and he is not happy living in this endless cycle like everyone else in the music video. I think people could relate to this because there are some people who feel like they are trapped in an endless cycle at some point in their life.

Another one of his tracks is the song “Cupcake” feat. Punchinello. In this song, he is admiring a girl and wanting her to be his girlfriend. Throughout the song, he keeps saying. “You are my one and only cupcake.” I really liked this music video because it was cute and it used claymation. A reason why you should care about ELO’s album is because it shows different emotions that we have felt once in our lives.

Overall, I really enjoyed listening to the album. All of the track songs had a chill spring vibe to them. I was very impressed with how they used the claymation to make the cupcakes in the ‘Cupcake’ music video. I would recommend this album if you are looking for a fresh chill vibe to listen to in the car or studying.