“Me Time” inconsistent but entertaining

Blake Burton, Reporter

One of Netflix’s new films “Me time”  represents the dedicated life of single

dads. From brushing his daughter’s hair to going to PTA meetings and being the

president, father Sonny Fisher ( Kevin Hart) is the number one parent in everything school related.

The mother, Maya Fisher (Regina Hall) is the hard-working breadwinner of the family. She’s focuses a little too much time on her work than her children but wants to change that.

During a weekend away with the kids, Sonny has a wild and crazy time with his best best bud, the sort of, kind of crazy best friend of Sonny, Huck (Mark Wahlberg). He puts a twist on the whole story with his birthday party.

In the beginning scene of the movie, it is Huck and Sonny jumping from an airplane into a mountain area,  driving home the point that Huck is a person that loves to have fun in crazy ways.

While the movie has high and low points, it is overall an enjoyable flick. It had its ups and downs, but overall, it was an entertaining movie.