“Never have I ever” is relatable

Blake Burton, Reporter

The Netflix series “Never Have I Ever” began with an Indian girl losing use her legs after sad death of her father Mohan(Sendhil Ramamurthy). The girl, Devi( Maitreyi Ramakrishnan), has to go through the first year of high school in a wheelchair, which wasn’t very fun for her.

She is eventually able to get out of her wheelchair and was ready to mingle or have sex with none other than the most popular boy in school Paxton(Darren Barnet).

Devi best friend is Fabiola (Lee Rodriguez), captain of the Robotics team and an out lesbian. Her other best friend Eleanor(Romona Young) is a drama queen and an aspiring actor in the show. They experience the ups and downs of life as teenage high schoolers and the drama that goes with it.

Thought the characters are young, this is a show people of many ages would love. It involves heartbreaks, love, drama and more. Created by Mindy Kaling (writer, producer and star of “The Office” and creator of “The Mindy Project”), this show will have you watching it for hours just to see what is happens next.

Anyone who has been through high school will relate to these characters on some level.

It is so watchable, and audiences will want to find out what happens next for all of these characters.