The Mandalorian Season 3: Defrosting the Carbonite for Star Wars fans

Nic Peter Chavaria, Reporter

Keeping the 2023 Star Wars train rolling, Disney has released the highly anticipated third season of their hit show, “The Mandalorian.” Following the rocky reception of many of Disney’s prior shows, Star Wars fans have been in need of a solid series for some time and season 3 might just be the break they’re looking for.

Picking up right where season 2 and 2022’s spin-off show “Book of Boba Fett” left off, we once again follow the titular Mandalorian, or Mando for short, and his adoptive son. Both of them work together in seeking redemption and restoring the homeworld of their people.

Where the last season and other Star Wars shows failed in the eyes of fans was in having too many guest cameos. While cameos in a  film and TV universe is not bad outright, the problem came when said cameos were not unique to the story.  Other problems were bringing back characters once thought dead, and letting the story fall second to promote other shows yet to release. Fortunately, season 3 has so far kept the story tight and properly balanced the characters that actually matter and fan favorites who don’t distract from the plot. 

Speaking of the characters, Pedro Pascal continues to dominate both the TV scene and his signature role as the stoic and fatherly “Mandalorian,”  and Star Wars veteran Katee Sackhoff brilliantly reprises her role as “Bo-Katan.” Although not “played” by one actor in particular, the puppeteers and technicians bring their A-game once more in bringing “Grogu,” the alien child, to life. 

The production side of the show kills it once again with the musical talent of Ludwig Göransson. The set dressers, prop, and costume department all authentically bringing the Star Wars universe to life as usual.

Interestingly enough, the only noteworthy issue the show has faced so far is the first and second episode would’ve flowed better as one single episode. Episode 1 had a few scenes that should’ve been shortened or removed, and having an hour long episode would’ve truly felt like a season premiere rather than just another 2 episodes.

While we still have 6 more episodes before it can be said for certain, season 3 of The Mandalorian so far shows major potential in putting Star Wars back on track in being good television.