“Dave” season 3: The struggle in finding love and yourself.

Nic Peter Chavaria, Reporter

Fan-favorite show “Dave” has made its long-awaited return to TV with its third season on FXX, April 5.

Starring rapper Lil Dicky, real name David Burd, the show uses a fictional retelling of his life and serves as a hodgepodge of storytelling. An episode can start out simple with Dave meeting Rick Ross, and turn into a chase for a $250,000 chain across the streets of Atlanta,

As previously mentioned, many of the show’s characters, relationships, and episodes stem from aspects of Burds’ life. A great example of this is on display with Burd and Davionate Ganter, professionally known as GaTa. Burd and GaTa originally met around 2013, becoming close friends, eventually leading to their relationship becoming one of the key aspects of the show itself. Not just serving as a basic “friend” character, the show delves into GaTa’s struggles with being bipolar, his drive to be a rapper, and finding faith in the world.


This season holds the overarching narrative of Dave going on his first tour, while he and his friends deal with the struggles of love and finding romance. Speaking of Dave’s friends, the supporting cast of seasons one and two are what truly gives the show its real heart and soul. Andrew Santino as “Mike,” Taylor Misiak as “Ally,” Christine Ko as “Emma,” and Travis Bennet as “Elz” each provide their own unique angle to Burd’s character, but also stand on their own and make every scene they’re in a delight to watch.

Returning viewers would be glad to know this season continues Dave’s character arc to be a better friend. For context, in the past seasons, Dave struggled with being so focused on the pursuit of his rap career that he would often ignore the wants and needs of his friends. But this season provides Dave with multiple moments of genuine decency and care. The small moments of Dave trusting Emma in directing his music video or putting Rick Ross on to GaTa’s music show just how far he has come.

The show’s biggest strong suit is the complex messages and themes provided in its episodes. These range from dealing with the imperfections that come from being human, finding the values religion still has despite the people who pervert it, and moving on from the false narratives of your past.

Being a show based on a rapper, it’s no surprise that the show has a spectacular soundtrack. While the show does utilize solid needle drops, the real focus is on the original music performed by Burd and GaTa with “White Guy,” and the freestyle “Hearsay” just to name a few.

One last highlight is how based in reality the show is when it comes to music. Multiple episodes this season utilize guest appearances from real artists such as the already mentioned Rick Ross, Demi Lovato, and Usher. While the appearance of these artists themselves might not come off as much at first glance, it really helps in adding both a sense of validity and reality to the show and its narratives.

While perhaps not seeming like a show for everyone at face value, the cast, story, and music provide something for audience members of all sorts to enjoy. New episodes air on FXX every Wednesday, with digital airings on Hulu Thursdays.