Lynott OK with both teams results

Robert Mullen, Reporter

By Robert Mullen


Both Bakersfield College tennis teams have completed their regular season play, finishing up with conference playoffs at Ventura April 5-6.

Nancy Ramirez, and Leah Stewart, both have qualified in singles for the Western State Conference championships, while Stewart and Jackie Griffin have qualified as one doubles team, and Karissa Coronel and Emily Evans have qualified for the other. Tim Roe and Vitor Ikeda have qualified for the men’s doubles, with Roe also making it in singles.

“I was pleased with our results in the tournament,” said head coach Teri Lynott. “I suppose it could have been better, but it turned out pretty well.”

Lynott says that the tournament seeding did have an effect on the numbers of BC athletes who have made it into the WSC championship. Noting that it was inaccurate and unfavorable to both teams.

Lynott said that there were several upsets in the tournament. Including Stewart and Griffin beating the number two seeds in doubles and Roe knocking off Glendale’s number one player. “A lot of really good things happened, showing that we’re moving forward and playing better at the end of the season,” Lynott said.

Men and women’s tennis has finished conference play with 2-6, and the WSC championship will be held at Ojai April 25-28.