Ventura College defeats Bakersfield College’s women’s soccer team 3-0


Lizette Chavez

Alexia Raudier (left) and Jackie Garcia (far right) put pressure on VC player Paola Gonzales in attempt to steal the ball.

Lizette Chavez, Editor-in-Chief

The Bakersfield College women’s soccer team faced a tough match against Ventura College on the Sept. 29 home game, losing 3-0. The game began with both teams working the ball back and forth across the field neither team gaining a closer distance to the goal box. The frustration seemed to show with the VC women’s soccer team with some of the BC players getting the brunt of it.

Lea Mason was kneed in the face and later shoved to the ground from behind from one of the VC’s player. This was met with booing and calls to the referee to card from the audience. BC’s Alexi Baca was later yellow carded by the referee causing the audience to suspect the referees of bias. The rest of the game carried in such a manner and VC player had a fall, hitting her head and staying down, to the gasps of the audience, BC’s Sabrina Murillo called the referee over and the on hand medic was called to the field to examine the player, who was cleared to continue after she got up.

The BC team made several attempts and came close to scoring, one moment in particular saw Murillo take a shot at the opponent’s goal box, with the VC goalie saving at the last minute. This made the audience cheer and seemed to give the players a second wind.

The first goal was made 35 minutes and 32 seconds into the game by VC player Carolina Apodaca Morales with assistance from Audrey Castillo.

BC Coach Scott Dameron motivated the girls soon after by giving out advice on how to proceed in the game.

“You’re doing what you need to do, just keep going, keep working, let’s go.”

The next goal was scored after half time by Castillo with assistance from Paulina Aldrete 55 minutes into the game. After the second goal the BC team attempted to make some of their own, BC’s Delaney Boyer came close but the shot was saved by the VC goalie.

The third and final goal, which handed VC the victory, was made by Sierra Patton and assisted by Paola Gonzales, 88 minutes into the game.

Both teams high fived each other after the game and chorused a “good game” as they passed each other, the BC team then handed out Gatorades to the guest players.

VC beat the BC team 3-0, breaking their four game losing streak and tying BC’s wins with their losses at four wins four losses.