Women’s Soccer team faces second lost of the season

Franco Castelo, Reporter

The Renegades women’s soccer team played against Clovis College friday Sept. 21 at Memorial Stadium, leaving with their second loss of the season.

Midfielder Breanna Lowes kicks the ball for a far pass to her teammates.

Throughout the game, both teams showed their endurance and training, making callouts and finishing shots. The first half both teams had great possession going back-and-forth on the field. Clovis scored the first goal with 11 minutes in the game. However, midfielder Michelle Vargas scored and tied up the game 1-1 with 28 minutes on the clock.

Franco Castelo
Freshman Yesenia Sorta taking on the Clovis defense multiple times throughout the game.

The second half of the game Clovis showed more control with the ball and passing as well. In the end, Clovis scored two more goals with the final score of 3-1. The Renegades stand 5-2 in the season.

“We played strong but we had many mistakes,” Coach Scott Dameron said.

Freshman forward, Hailee Sliter, displayed great teamwork and stamina during the entire game, giving Clovis a challenge.

The Renegades started the season 5-0 but despite the losses, they are ready for the next game.

The Renegades women’s soccer team circle up and talk about the mistakes they are making during the first half.