Moorpark College gets demolished by BC’s team

Franco Castelo, Reporter

The Renegade football team played against Moorpark College on Nov. 3 in Memorial Stadium and left with a huge win, with the final score of 31-0.

For the first half, both teams played well. 

Cameron Roberson scored the first touchdown with a return of 77 yards. 

Bakersfield College displayed great plays and dominated both offensively and defensively. By the end of the first half, the score was 21-0.

At halftime, Fred Smith was honored for 35 years of serving the college and athletes as BC athletic trainer. Smith will end his career in January 2019. 

For the second half of the game, Moorpark College had many ruffs plays and passes making it easy for the Renegades to score touchdowns. 

The Renegade defense also helped and did not let the Moorpark offense achieve anything. 

Moorpark remained scoreless throughout the whole game.

The final touchdown from the Renegades was from Ortiz running to the end zone with only five yards left.

Winning this game, Bakersfield College Renegades have moved on with a score of 6-3 in the season and 3-1 in conference play.