BC football team loses 2018 Patriotic Bowl

Franco Castelo, Reporter

The Renegade Football team made their way to Mission Viejo on Saturday Nov. 17 facing against Saddleback college in the 2018 Patriotic Bowl and left with loss of the final score 31-34.

With that being said, Bakersfield has had an overall great 2018 season wrapping the season up at 6-5.

Throughout the season, The Renegades worked hard and put in the hours and days to play well and strive to be successful in every game. Challenges were faced and presented along the way for many players but showed they overcame those hardships throughout their games. Hardships such as heavy practices, challenging teams and even the players lives affected the results of the game.

The Renegades displayed dominance with positioning and passes from plays.

Key Player, Elisha Ortiz, showed impressive plays and with the help of his teammates scored many touchdowns this season.

With this season coming to an end, The Renegades has had a challenging fall season and overcame the hardships and will continue to thrive for success in the future.